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 We Provide a full Template, Production and Installation service to achieve your dream  worktop with unrivaled workmanship. 


The first step of our service is templating where we send our professional Representative to template your kitchen, We have the ability to template your kitchen manually or digitally with our state of the art Digital Survey machine. Once your kitchen is fully fitted we template it, all the responsibility of measurements is on us!


After Templating, we upload the drawing on to our CNC Machine in the factory, which cuts your worktops with perfect precision to the nearest mm and angle using our state of the art CNC machines. Whether you want a recess sink or a standard undermount sink with grooves, we have the machine for it!


The last step involves us bringing all the produced worktops to site and fixing them on to your kitchen units with perfect seamless joints using resin. We will stick the undermount sink to the underside of your worktops and put a stain protection liquid all over your worktops to give it the best finish and the longest life!

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